What is The Japan 2.5 Dimensional Musical Association?

The organization was founded in 2013 with the aim of cultivating and educating more audience members to
the genre and creating and nurturing larger business opportunities both domestically and internationally.



The 2.5-Dimensional Musical is a New Genre.
The Doors will be open for everyone

We support those who create shows free from conventional theater rules and formats, and those who are
motivated to seek out new business. Members will be invited to seminars where lectures and seminars by people in the
industry, both in creative and business fields, are given, and have access to those individuals and their experience.


You are invited to our exclusive seminars
where experts give lectures and seminars.


We support your production by sending
press releases and introducing the media to
your PR team.

Market Research

We constantly research the titles of
2.5-D shows produced, and the number
of the audience attendance as well as
the demographics.


The First Modern Japanese Theater
That Appeals to the Global Market

Knowing the enormous popularity of Japanese manga, anime and video-games in the global market, we support
not only the productions that target international audience members, but also those that aim to go into the global
market, i.e. bringing Japanese productions to other countries, or licensing productions to local presenters.

Understanding Global Market

Sharing information of areas that have
potential for your show

Access to Experts

You will be introduced to those who
toured shows overseas, or those in your
considered areas.


Approaching the international communities
in Japan is probably the first step in
your global approach.


In March 2014, we founded Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association with the aim of expanding its business in Japan and introducing the 2.5-D shows to the international market. In Japan, with the strong support of our members now, we see both the numbers of the productions and the audience members increasing every year. Also, in the global market, we are proudly drawing attention by touring or live-streaming our popular productions. Also, one of the most prominent challenges known to the public was AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo (in Shibuya), an exclusive 2.5-D Musical theater, had been operated by our association (March 2015-October 2018), where audience members from many nationalities filled the house.

It is not surprising to see today’s rise of 2.5-Dimensional Musical in Japan and its spread into global market because what 2.5-D shows are based on has been appreciated as Japan’s cultural symbols of today: manga, animation and video-game. They have an important role in the lives of young generations, and, in fact, they learn the essence of life from them.

It is our wish that 2.5-Dimensional Musical introduces the joy of something real to the young generations who are surrounded by digital devices that they may believe that they can learn anything on it. Those young audience members at our theatres often comment after the show that they enjoyed watching the performers live and sharing the same moment with other audience members. We value this live experience not only in theatre but also in real life, too.

With the Olympic Games in Tokyo scheduled for 2020, the world is now paying more attention to Japan. What is today’s Japan? What is unique to the country? The answer can be found in 2.5-Dimensional Musical. It is purely originated in Japan, represents today’s culture, and has strong appeals to the international market.

We sincerely hope that you will have an opportunity to experience 2.5-Dimensional Musical very soon.

Chairman Makoto Matsuda

Theatrical Producer,
Founder of Nelke Planning Co., Ltd.


NAME Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association
LOCATION Meguro Higashiyama Square Building, 1-2-2 Higashiyama, Meguro ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-6758-0871
FAX +81-3-6758-0872
URL https://www.j25musical.jp
  • ・The surveying of the 2.5-Dimensional musicals and the compilation of reports.
  • ・Continuous support for the development of 2.5-Dimensional musicals.
  • ・Producing and managing the events related to 2.5-Dimensional musicals.
  • ・Participating in overseas conventions related to 2.5-Dimensional musicals.
  • ・Providing lectures with the aim of giving members opportunities to learn more about 2.5-Dimensional musicals.
  • ・The promotion of overseas business development related to 2.5-Dimensional musicals.
  • ・Management of copyrights and arrangements of granting of licenses for overseas producers.
  • ・Building networks with theater experts throughout the world.
  • ・Other projects related to 2.5-Dimensional musicals.
Makoto Matsuda
Theatrical Producer
Founder of Nelke Planning Co., Ltd.

[Board Member]
Yoshitaka Hori
Chairman of HoriPro Group.

Suminobu Sato
President of Marvelous Inc.

Takaaki Suzuki
Executive Director of Bandai Namco Music Live Inc.
President & CEO of Bandai Namco Base Inc.

Michiyuki Honma
President and CEO of Pierrot Co., Ltd.

Hideo Katsumata
Operating Officer of Avex Co. Ltd.
President of Avex Pictures Co. Ltd.
President of The Anime Times Company

Tatsuya Ito
President of Gorch Brothers, Ltd.

Shoko Nogami
President and Representative Director of Nelke Planning Co., Ltd.